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Helping you on your Route to Market within the Rail Sector

Trains as in mode of transport… Robert is currently operating as a test, trials and demonstration consultant for the Rail Alliance (a leading rail sector B2B organisation) helping Rail Sector SMEs to negotiate the Innovation Landscape’s apparent ‘Valley of Death’ through helping them to test, trial and demonstrate their products, goods and services at the Quinton Rail Technology Centre (QRTC) near Long Marston in Warwickshire. This activity is part–funded by the FutureRailway — an organisation that has access to £140m of funding for assisting with the development of innovative products, goods and services. For more information about the FutureRailway Test Voucher Scheme please contact Robert at outlining your requirements — to be eligible for the scheme, you have to be a UK–based SME and you have to be developing your product, goods, or services across one or more of the Technology Readiness Levels.

Education not Thought Control (with apologies to Pink Floyd)

Trains as in ‘educates’… As a qualified teacher and lecturer Robert currently works part–time for Worcester College of Technology as part of the team delivering their Higher Education (HE) Computing courses including their brand new joint venture with the University of Worcester — the Foundation Degree FdSc in Cyber Security. In a previous life, he was responsible for INFOSEC, COMPUSEC, COMMSEC as well as combatting the more normal physical and counter–intelligence security threats associated with running the Facilities Support Directorate for an independent NATO Headquarters.

Personnel Development — get the most from your people!

Trains as in ‘develops’… As a developer of people in the broadest sense is where Robert is perhaps happiest — his background is very much that of a Generalist HR professional with Specialist skills in Training and Development. As a Generalist HR Professional he has commanded, guided, encouraged, occasionally chastised, rewarded and advised those who worked for him during his 14 tours in the RAF in 11 different locations at home and abroad, in peacetime and on operations with a responsibility for managing the welfare and tasking of up to 400 personnel (military and civilian) at any one time. As a Training Development specialist for ground crew and aircrew, he has over 15 years’ experience in all aspects of the training design lifecycle from conducting front end analyses, training needs analyses, defining training objectives, designing training content and methodology, conducting training, reviewing, validating and verifying training courses and programmes. Naturally, he is familiar with the Defence System Approach to Training (DSAT) model and its application to civilian training development and design.

Mission Command — do you really know what you are doing and why you are doing it?

Trains as in ‘commands’… As a senior officer in the Royal Air Force for over 15 of his 20 years’ service and with much of that time spent in joint (working with more than one Armed Service) and combined (working with more than one nation) environments, he has become used to operating within a command and control construct called Mission Command. This operationally-proven, internationally respected, concept of Command and Control has tremendous relevance to civilian business whether in the public and private sector and Robert will happily provide briefings or training packages to help business ‘sharpen up’ both their business processes and to increase something he calls ‘operational resilience’. For more information please view the Mission Command page.

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